chat conversations with premium apps

Speed up your conversational designs with Premium Apps. Fully integrated in ManyChat flowbuilder!

27 Apps All Included in 1 License Key!

Includes chatGPT API!

This OpenAI GPT App will blow your users' mind!
Improve user experience by answering any question, big or small in a fast, responsive manner.
Includes Embeddings, Fine-Tune models, chatGPT, DALL-E
** NEW **

Why do you need Apps?

ManyChat has a flowbuilder, right? So why do you need extra Apps?
Adding Apps to your ManyChat account will 100% integrate with your flowbuilder action menu so you can insert extra (cool) features in just a few minutes.

Extreme ease of use and a huge time-saver.

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Ease of Use

Forget Zapier! Forget Integromat! Our Apps are fully integrated in your flowbuilder. No need to leave ManyChat, ever.

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Special Added Features

Set up special features, webinars, leadforms or games in just a few minutes. Just install the demo template/flow and connect your App.

Use Cases

Our Apps are used by chat marketing industry leaders, ManyChat Agencies and Educators. Perfect for coaches, lead qualifications, real estate home estimates and much more.

OpenAI GPT for Manychat

OpenAI GPT / Chat GPT

Let your chat answer any question with he help of the Large Language Model by OpenAI. No question is too much for the GPT-3 model!

dialogflow essentials for manychat

Dialogflow ES

Improve your custom experience by answering all questions in a fast, responsive manner. No Hosting Needed and No Programming Required.

Calendly for ManyChat


In-Chat booking of appointments has never been easier and more fun. Includes webhooks for reminders and confirmations.

Re-format & Analyse

If you need to re-format a number, or get an average, high or low number in a range, this is your weapon of choice.


Booking attendees in One of the marketleaders in Webinars just got easy as 1, 2, 3. Manage all your G2W webinars inside ManyChat and start crushing your attendance rates!

ManyChat Databox App


Forget about silly looking stats in sheets or flakey dashboards and leave UI/UX to the Pros, like Databox! Easy, beautiful data in a matter of seconds!

ManyChat Everwebinar and Webinarjam App


Industryleader Everwebinar and Webinarjam, fully integrated via your flowbuilder. Includes a template to get started immediately.

ManyChat Calendar App

iCal, Outlook & Calendar

Add Appointments and dates to your favorite calendars with this iCal App. Never miss an important date, ever again.

ManyChat Webview Forms App

Easy Webview Builder

If you can write 4 words, you can createbeautiful webview forms with this easy to use App. Includes many samples!

ManyChat GDPR Manager App

GDPR Manager

Let your contacts view their personal data and delete whatever they want from your system.

Synchronize your chat contacts with your favorite email service provider.
Just like you’re used to!‚Äč

ManyChat GetResponse App


ManyChat Mailerlite App


ManyChat Mailchimp App



ManyChat Zillow App

Zillow Zestimates

Lucky enough to still have a working ZWSID? Then you can use this App for your property estimates.

ManyChat Estated App

Estated Property Info

Lots of data-points for your chat marketing real estate lead generation. Our Number 1 choice for Real Estate marketers.

ManyChat Number Verification App

Number Verification

Stop wasting money on calling/texting wrong numbers. Verify contacts' numbers before you store them in your system.

ManyChat Messagebird App

MessageBird SMS

One of the World's Best SMS/Text services for over 2 decades. MessageBird will integrate with your chatbot for reliable SMS delivery.

ManyChat Salesforce App


Probably the biggest CRM in the World, salesforce! Send your Manychat leads straight into salesforce and let your sale team handle the leads from there.

ManyChat vCard App

vCard Generator

Create fantastic vCards with a few clicks. Now more popular and relevant than ever, have people scan your vCard and be accessible everywhere.

ManyChat Personalized Images App

Personalized Images

By far the most used App of all time. Create personalized, dynamic images with a simple flowbuilder action. Includes Profile Image!

ManyChat QR Code App

QR Codes Everywhere

Light, fast and effective app to create QR codes for any occassion.

ManyChat Slotmachine App

Slot Machine

Gamification at its finest. Add this cool slot machine to your chat for great interaction and engagement.

ManyChat Wheel of Fortune App

Wheel of Fortune

Coupons, Discounts, Free Meals and whatnot. Add your own Wheel of fortune/Spin the wheel features to your chat in no-time!

Email Address Verifyer

Verify any email address with Quick Email Verififcation before sending it to your ESP so you will never save wrongful data anymore!

Template Link Creator

Secure your templates by issuing Single Use template links that expire after one installation.

Single Page License

All Apps, 1 ManyChat Account
$ 35* Monthly
  • All Apps
  • 1 ManyChat Account

Five Page License

All Apps, 5 ManyChat Accounts
$ 100* Monthly
  • All Apps
  • 5 ManyChat Accounts

1 App License *NEW*

1 App, 1 ManyChat Account
$ 15/month* billed Quarterly
  • 1 App of Choice
  • 1 ManyChat Account

'Pimp' your chatflows

Ready to take your chatbuilding to another, better level?

100% Integrated

Adding expert features to your chat has never been easier. Simply select any App from the flowbuilder action menu and off you go!

Anybody can use these flowbuilder actions. Just select your App from the action menu and start immediately.

Opening the App will open a pop-up screen in your flowbuilder, this is where you enter your favorite settings or configuration and the features are added to your flows.


Burning questions or Just curious?
View our Most Asked Questions here

How do I install an App?

Each App has a simple installation link, which will open a new window inside ManyChat. From there, you simply add your App settings and your App is available inside the flowbuilder action menu.

If you install one of our templates or flows that come with the Apps, the App is also automatically installed.

Can I use it on more than one FB page?

We have 3 different subscription plans. One for single page (1 ManyChat account) use. One for 5 ManyChat accounts, and a larger agency plan for 10 ManyChat accounts.

Can i try the apps first?

Certainly! All our Apps can be downloaded/installed from the ManyChat Appstore. Make sure to also install the sample template from the description in the listings.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept credit card payments via Stripe.

Is there a manual?

Of course! Each App comes with a video manual as well as a written manual if needed (for example with an App that requires more sophisticated settings or has a lot of options).

What if I need another App?

We’re always happy to add new Apps that everybody can enjoy. If you have an idea for an app, or need one really fast. Never hesitate to ask us if we can make it for you.